About Us


We are a Vineyard church which meets in south east London, on the boarders of the London boroughs of Greenwich and Lewisham.





What are we about?


We are a community of people that live in the way that Jesus called people to. So our neighbours will hear about, experience and have the opportunity to respond to the love of God.



What do we value?


We don’t want to confuse or complicate it. In our worship, our preaching and our coming together we want Jesus to be the focus.



Welcoming and Invitational. We welcome everyone with open arms, showing them the loving grace that Jesus shows us. We also provide a place where it’s easy to bring our friends, family, colleagues and neighbours.



Friendship & Accountability
We have to do it together – faith in Christ is not an individual thing. We are not independent but interdependent.



We want to be seen as a community of people who are generous, who think more about others than themselves.







Follower of Jesus, mother of 4, wife to Paul, pastor of TVC and parent governor! I grew up in Rotherham but have lived in London since 2004. Before taking on the leadership of TVC I was the director Greenwich Youth or Christ. I love living here and I love my neighbours - I'm passionate about sharing God's love with them.


After uni I found myself doing what I always said I wouldn't - moving to London. Like God said to Jonah - "why shouldn't I love this great city and all the people who live in it?" I love being part of a church that expresses that. Becca and I were commissioned to lead the church in April 2017, but I also work part time for the thinktank Theos.

Leadership Team and Kids

I love being part of TVC as Vineyard has been home for me from the age of 7. I work part time as a Speech and Language Therapist. Otherwise, you can find me at home with our two young vibrant children Esther and Gabriel. If I get two seconds to myself I will use them to eat chocolate or dance around the kitchen!

Leadership Team and Worship

I am a Worship Leader and member of the Leadership team at TVC. Raised a Catholic, I love the ecumenism of the Vineyard, the family feel of TVC and the focus on the presence of the Spirit. Outside the church, I love teaching Classics in West London, hanging out with friends and family, and enjoying music, books and films.










Trinity Vineyard Church also has a core leadership team that oversees different areas of the churches life – worship, Vineyard Kids, community outreach – and a trustee team which looks after the church’s resources.











Sunday Address

Morden Mount Primary School
Lewisham Road
London SE13 7QP